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HUMAN – Select a break-out session

Thank you for registering for our annual human rights event, HUMAN. 

Break-out sessions can no longer be selected. If you haven’t made your preference known yet, you can still let us know by email. If we haven’t received a preference, you will be assigned to one at our discretion.

The following break-out sessions are available. 

1. Access to Remedy perspective from The Illusion of Abundance (documentary) | Cindy Coltman (sr. Policy Officer Both ENDS)

The documentary The Illusion of Abundance tells the story of three women in Latin America who daily experience the consequences of decisions made by companies and financiers in Europe. During this break-out session, we will discuss our responsibility towards these people and the dilemmas companies, investors, citizens and policymakers will face.

2. Legislation: what do you have to comply with as a company? CSRD, CSDDD & Taxonomy minimum safeguards | Colette Grosscurt, Bas Sprenger de Rover & Emma Fabius (EY)

During this breakout, EY highlights the similarities and differences between the human rights EU legislation requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CS3D), and the EU Taxonomy minimum safeguards. Participants then get to work to determine for themselves which first steps they can take to meet the requirements.

3. Grievance mechanisms in the clothing industry from a union perspective | Eva Smulders, CNV Internationaal / Bart Slob (Consultant, Ethics at Work)

CNV Internationaal’s local union partners are involved in complaints mechanisms varying from complicated certification systems to simple hotlines. CNV Internationaal icw Ethics at Work developed short comparative research in Asia on the various systems encountered within the apparel sector, including its pros and its cons, which will be presented and discussed in this session.