Online training series beef production & supply chains – Part 1 – Setting the scene: impacts of beef production in Latin America

This is the first part of a three part series of webinars for investors organized by IUCN NL, WWF Netherlands and VBDO on the impact of beef production and supply chains.

Beef production is one of the main causes of rapid land conversion. FAIRR reported that this year deforestation in the Amazon increased by 278%.

IUCN NL, WWF Netherlands, and VBDO are collaborating under the Shared Resources Joined Solutions (SRJS) partnership, in a project that focuses on land conversion caused by beef production in Paraguay and the role of financial institutions. This includes the impact of investments and policies by Dutch investors on deforestation and land conversion. Initial research conducted under investors indicated that there is a need for more knowledge, tools and collaboration on the beef sector and land conversion.


The webinar is meant for professional and institutional investors only. If you’d like to participate, please send an e-mail to


  1. Welcome | IUCN NL | 10 min
    Welcome and brief introduction on program and webcast rules
  2. NGO’s | Guyra | Setting the scene: Impacts of large scale land conversion for cattle ranching in the Gran Chaco, Paraguay/Argentina/Bolivia | 15 min
    The Gran Chaco is one of the main deforestation fronts for cattle expansion in Latin America. Guyra has years of
    experience on the ground on this issue, and is aware of the complexities related to local politics and conservation areas .
  3. Q&A | 5 minutes
  4. Development Bank | FMO | Responsible financing and investment in high risk areas | 15 min
    Since 2010, FMO has been building capacity in its partner banks in Paraguay (and in the wider Paraguayan banking sector) for managing environmental and social impacts and risks associated with their investments.
  5. Q&A | 5 minutes
  6. Group discussion | 30 minutes
  7. Learning (and action) points | 5 minutes
  8. Wrap-up

Webinar series

With this webinar series we aim to contribute to sector-wide knowledge building, best practice sharing, and collaborative action. Our programme first aims to set the scene and give insight in the impacts of beef production, then dives into concrete actions towards conversion-free companies and at the final session we focus on practical tools for investors and engagement strategies. We are welcoming a diverse group of speakers from multiple locations around the globe:

Session 1 | 27th of May | 15:30-17:00 | Setting the scene – impacts of beef production in Latin America 
Part A – Guyra Paraguay (local NGO) – Fabiana Arévalos – Program Coordinator
Part B – FMO (Development Bank) – to be confirmed

Session 2 | 10th of June | 15:30-17:00 | Actions in the supply chain towards deforestation and conversion-free portfolios 
Part A – WWF Brazil – Bianca Nakamato, Conservation Analyst
Part B – McDonalds – Rachael Sherman, Director Global Sustainability 

Session 3 | 24th of June | 15:30-17:00 | Risk identification, tools and corporate engagement
Part A – ACTIAM – Karina Carius de Barros,  Responsible Investment Officer
Part B – UNPRI – Tom Barron / Maria de Filippo – Manager Stewardship / Senior Environmental Specialist

About the SRJS partnership

The Shared Resources Joint Solutions (SRJS) partnership is a strategic partnership between IUCN NL, WWF NL, VBDO and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With SRJS we want to strengthen the capacity of local NGOs and civil society organisations in sixteen low- and middle-income countries. The program aims to ensure climate resilience, water supply and food security by joining forces with the public and private sector.