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VBDO platform meeting


NB. This is a member only event, the event is in Dutch We cordially invite our members to the VBDO platform meeting on Thursday 10 December. Program Welcome & state of affairs | Angélique Laskewitz, VBDO 5 years of SRJS […]

VBDO Highlights 2020 & Best Wishes for 2021


No one will ever forget this year. We are very grateful for the many opportunities we have had in a time that as been so difficult for so many people. Our team has proven that we also stay close to […]

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Three degrees of warming is not an option for long-term investors

Auteur: Nicolas Poolen (WWF-NL) & Mart van Kuijk (VBDO) - 18/12/2020

Since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, the United Nations has published an annual report on the state of climate change. Not unexpectedly, the report again paints a shocking picture; “The earth is becoming three degrees warmer, despite current climate […]

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VBDO calls on companies to be transparent about subsidies and tax exemptions


Publication: Tax Transparency Benchmark 2020 - A comparative study of 77 Dutch listed companies

VBDO presents sixth Tax Transparency Benchmark on December 3rd, 2020 Companies can provide more information about the subsidies and tax exemptions they use to reduce their effective tax burden. This is evident from the sixth edition of the Tax Transparency […]

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VBDO launches awareness campaign sustainable insurance for consumers


Today the national campaign “Insure your world” started by the Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), supported by the Dutch Association of Insurers. Increasingly the Dutch take sustainability into account regarding their purchasing behavior, but still, few see the link between […]

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Deforestation risks in Latin America: Recommendations for investors


Publication: Paper - Recommendations for investors on deforestation and conversion risks related to cattle ranching and beef supply chains in Latin America

On December 1st, 2020, the Brazilian space agency INPE announced that deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon had risen to a record level, the highest in 12 years. Beef production in Latin America is linked to deforestation. VBDO, IUCN NL and […]

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Human Rights Due Diligence: Preparing for Legislation HUMAN is a partnership between ICCO Cooperation, CNV Internationaal, and VBDO to advance the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights in the Netherlands. In the past four years, […]

Proxy Voting & Sustainability


How is sustainability reflected in the voting policy of pension funds, how do they vote and who makes choices? How is sustainability reflected in the voting policy of pension funds, who ultimately makes choices and how is voting advice on […]

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Voting for sustainability seen by pension funds as an important tool, despite limited application


Publication: Proxy Voting for Sustainability - Research among Dutch Pension Funds

Pension funds see voting for sustainability as an important instrument for actively leveraging corporate ownership. However, a large part of the funds mainly use their voting rights when they reach a bottleneck in their dialogue on specific topics with these […]

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WWF call to action: Sign for a European Forestry Act


For the past 5 years, VBDO has worked with IUCN NL and WWF NL on the Shared Resources Joint Solutions program. One of the joint activities was to organize a series of three training webinars. The webinars highlighted the relationship […]

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