VBDO celebrates 25 years of sustainability


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Today she is celebrating her silver anniversary and has already accomplished more than most in a lifetime. As a strong, independent association, we have been committed to a more sustainable and responsible […]

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Biodiversity and the Financial Sector – Part 1: Company perspective


Webinar Highlights In the first webinar of the biodiversity series organised by VBDO, the scientific (represented by the WUR) and business (represented by Robeco) perspectives were presented. During the webinar, we explained that biodiversity forms the foundation of human society […]

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Corona crisis has a major impact on shareholders’ meetings

Auteur: Mart van Kuijk, Project Manager Sustainable Investment, VBDO - 25/08/2020

This year, the start of the shareholders’ meeting (AGM) season coincided with the start of the corona crisis. This certainly had a major impact on the AGMs. Not only in the way in which companies gave substance to the crisis […]

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Fight child labor: a sustainable investment


Children are not supposed to work. They have the right to enjoy good education, the right to play and to be a real child, in a safe environment. VBDO is organizing a digital seminar together with the Alliance Work: No […]

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Sustainable investing by private individuals more than doubles


Publication: Studiegids duurzaam beleggen voor particulieren via banken

Dutch private investors invested around 30 billion euros annually through banks. This is more than double compared to four years ago, according to research by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) in collaboration with ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas […]

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Financial sector action needed to tackle biodiversity crisis

Auteur: Jacqueline Duiker (VBDO), Romie Goedicke (IUCN NL) - 03/08/2020

What do a conservationist, a sustainable investor and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) have in common? In the recent report, ‘Biodiversity and the financial sector: a cross-pollination’, DNB and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) show that loss of biodiversity poses […]

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More than 50 commitments to sustainability by companies despite COVID-19


Publication: AGM engagement report: Momentum - 25 Years of Engagement

This report is in Dutch. For a discussion on the 2020 AGM-season and a summary of this report, view the AGM Engagement Webinar 2020 here (in English). Every year the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) attends the shareholders […]

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Tax Transparency Seminar 2020


The seminar focuses on sharing the results of the Tax Transparency Benchmark 2020. We hope that through this seminar companies, investors and advisors can further implement the theme. Speakers Astrid Durgaram – Senior Legal Counsel, ABP Alan McLean – Executive […]

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SUSTAIN-Africa gains traction on environmental, social and governance criteria for the banking sector in Tanzania

Auteur: Romie Goedicke, Lead on sustainable finance and business engagement UICN NL - 23/06/2020

The Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa (SUSTAIN-Africa) just published its progress report for 2018-2019 summarizing the main achievements of this IUCN-led programme to date. IUCN NL is one of the partners of this initiative. Starting in […]

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Beef Production & Supply Chains – Webinar series & paper


The goal of this webinar series and subsequent paper, is to contribute to sector-wide knowledge building, sharing best practices and joint action. The series and publication are part of the Shared Resources Joint Solutions (SRJS)-program, in collaboration with IUCN NL […]

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Open Expert Session – Climate transition risk, before and after the COVID-19 wake-up call


Date webinar: June, 16th 2020 Webinar Expert Speakers PRI & Vivid Economics on The Inevitable Policy Response: The Inevitable Policy Response (IPR) is a pioneering project which aims to prepare investors for the associated portfolio risks of climate change. The […]

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Climate change on the agenda, but is it enough?

Auteur: Jacqueline Duiker - 17/04/2020

Countries have agreed in the Paris Climate accord to limit the increase of global temperatures to a maximum of 1.5°C. To achieve this goal, countries will need to move towards climate neutral economies, in which net-CO2e emissions are reduced to […]

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