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Child labour, an underexposed topic for the Dutch financial sector


Publication: Child labour and Dutch institutional investors: a study on incorporating child labour in responsible investment

162 million children globally are part of the labour force. For the Dutch financial sector, child labour is an underexposed topic. Two-thirds of the institutional investors surveyed mention child labour in their RI policy, but only 7% of this group […]

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Sustainable investing by pension funds does not yet translate into a sustainable world


Publication: Benchmark on Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2021

Nine Out of ten pension funds make use of exclusion, ESG integration and engagement when investing. Sustainable investment has thus become the undeniable standard within the sector. Nevertheless, there is still much to be achieved in terms of concrete implementation, […]

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Many Dutch insurers lack climate policy


Publication: Benchmark on Responsible Investments by Insurers in the Netherlands 2020

The Dutch insurance sector is becoming more sustainable every year. However, there is still considerable room for improvement when it comes to sound climate policy and active shareholdership. This is apparent from research into the performance of the responsible investment […]

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Onderzoek biodiversiteit en de financiële sector

Biodiversity integration in the Dutch financial sector: Why it’s critical to be proactive and invest in nature


Publication: Biodiversity integration in the Dutch financial sector: Why it’s critical to be proactive and invest in nature

VBDO and IUCN NL surveyed five banks and 13 asset owners/asset managers headquartered in the Netherlands.  Despite the Dutch Central Bank’s warning that financial institutions can be impacted financially when they fail to take sufficient action on biodiversity loss, only […]

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VBDO welcomes newest members Phenix Capital & Trillium Asset Management


On behalf of the VBDO, Executive Director Angélique Laskewitz welcomes our newest members, Phenix Capital Group and Trillium Asset Management. Phenix Capital Group “Phenix Capital Group is a leading impact investment specialist firm with the mission to catalyze institutional capital […]

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Webinar Child labour in the kobalt industry


During the second session in this series on child labor and the financial sector, a number of experts will focus on child labor in the cobalt sector. Since cobalt is crucial for the energy transition, this sector is of particular […]

From risk management to real impact

Auteur: Hester Holtland, Senior Project Manager Sustainability & Responsible Investment - 28/07/2021

In theory, it makes sense if the impact of your portfolio on the real world is in line with your investment policy. This means, for example, that CO2 emissions are not only reduced in our own portfolio, but that these […]

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Workshop: How to invest sustainable


NB. This workshop is in Dutch. It’s organized by the VBDO in collaboration with Triodos Bank as part of the Sustainable Weekend in Utrecht. Investing is the new saving. But how do you start investing? And how do you ensure […]

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Increased commitments on sustainable performance of companies, transparency is lacking


Publication: AGM engagement report - Setting the pace

Every year, the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) visits the shareholders’ meetings of the largest Dutch, stock-listed companies to obtain commitments on sustainable performance. This is based on extensive research into (non) sustainable performances of these companies. […]

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Future publication: AGM engagement report 2022


On the form below you can indicate which future publications are of interest to you. We will then send them directly to you on publication date by email.    

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Transparency about the impact of organizations needs mandatory reporting

Auteur: Angélique Laskewitz (VBDO) - 26/04/2021

The efforts of the European Commission to strengthen the non-financial reporting directive are gaining momentum. The new directive will impose higher requirements on institutions and companies active in the EU with regard to reporting sustainability information (also known as ESG […]

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Angélique Laskewitz new chair of the Supervisory Board of IUCN NL

VBDO’s executive director Angélique Laskewitz has today, with the consent of the Dutch IUCN members, been appointed as a member and the new chair of the Supervisory Board of IUCN NL. Starting April 15, she will take over the duties […]