AGM Engagement Webinar 2020 – Momentum, 25 Years of Engagement


We are delighted to invite you to VBDO’s 2020 AGM Engagement Seminar. A special year because of VBDO’s 25th anniversary, and 25 years of VBDO AGM engagement. This one hour webinar took place on Juli 9th 2020 from 4:00-5:00 pm and […]

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Open Expert Session – Climate transition risk, before and after the COVID-19 wake-up call


Date webinar: June, 16th 2020 Webinar Expert Speakers PRI & Vivid Economics on The Inevitable Policy Response: The Inevitable Policy Response (IPR) is a pioneering project which aims to prepare investors for the associated portfolio risks of climate change. The […]

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Beef Production & Supply Chains – Webinar series & paper


The goal of this webinar series and subsequent paper, is to contribute to sector-wide knowledge building, sharing best practices and joint action. The series and publication are part of the Shared Resources Joint Solutions (SRJS)-program, in collaboration with IUCN NL […]

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