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Expert session Child labour and the financial sector


We are pleased to announce the final expert session in this series on child labor and institutional investors. During this webinar, VBDO project manager Sara Heinsbroek will present the main results of our latest report on child labor in responsible […]

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Sustainable investing by pension funds does not yet translate into a sustainable world


Publication: Benchmark on Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2021

Nine Out of ten pension funds make use of exclusion, ESG integration and engagement when investing. Sustainable investment has thus become the undeniable standard within the sector. Nevertheless, there is still much to be achieved in terms of concrete implementation, […]

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Many Dutch insurers lack climate policy


Publication: Benchmark on Responsible Investments by Insurers in the Netherlands 2020

The Dutch insurance sector is becoming more sustainable every year. However, there is still considerable room for improvement when it comes to sound climate policy and active shareholdership. This is apparent from research into the performance of the responsible investment […]

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Onderzoek biodiversiteit en de financiële sector

Biodiversity integration in the Dutch financial sector: Why it’s critical to be proactive and invest in nature


Publication: Biodiversity integration in the Dutch financial sector: Why it’s critical to be proactive and invest in nature

VBDO and IUCN NL surveyed five banks and 13 asset owners/asset managers headquartered in the Netherlands.  Despite the Dutch Central Bank’s warning that financial institutions can be impacted financially when they fail to take sufficient action on biodiversity loss, only […]

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Phenix Capital Impact seminars 2021

Phenix Capital Impact Seminar Series


Impact Investing IN-PERSON Event for Institutional Investors Phenix Capital Group is hosting a series of Impact Seminars covering public and private market strategies as part of its effort to educate institutional investors on impact and Sustainable Development Investment opportunities. Angélique […]

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Athora Netherlands most sustainable insurance company


Today, the results of the new benchmark Responsible Investment by Dutch Insurance Companies 2021 showed that Athora Netherlands is the most sustainable insurer in the Netherlands. The VBDO congratulates Athora with this well-deserved title! Annemarie Mijer, CRO of Athora Netherlands […]

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Presentation Benchmark Responsible Investment by Dutch Pension Funds 2021


NB. The spoken language of this event is Dutch. The benchmark itself is published in English. We are pleased to announce the publication and presentation of the VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2021. The presentation […]

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From risk management to real impact

Auteur: Hester Holtland, Senior Project Manager Sustainability & Responsible Investment - 28/07/2021

In theory, it makes sense if the impact of your portfolio on the real world is in line with your investment policy. This means, for example, that CO2 emissions are not only reduced in our own portfolio, but that these […]

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The role of financial institutions and governments in Dutch climate adaptation


Publication: Making the Netherlands climate adaptive: The role of financial institutions and governments

The consequences of climate change create business risks that have an impact on the financial sector. There are therefore many opportunities for the sector, like collaborating with the government to make The Netherlands climate adaptive. However, climate adaptation does not […]

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Dutch asset owners must make 1.5°C pledges to catch up with European peers

Auteur: Mart van Kuijk, Project Manager Sustainable Investment, VBDO & Nicolas Poolen, Green Finance Advisor, WWF-NL - 17/05/2021

While the Netherlands is seen as a leader in responsible investing, only one Dutch asset owner has joined the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance. Only three Dutch asset owners have, at the time of writing, disclosed that they will limit […]

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Delivering Climate Resilience Through Financial Disclosures

Auteur: Jacqueline Duiker (VBDO), Paul Smith (UNEP FI) - 25/02/2021

Current disclosure frameworks provide a solid basis for financial institutions to assess climate risks. However, the climate resilience goals recently outlined at the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 require these frameworks to also integrate real world resilience. Even in the best-case […]

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Why Tax Governance is a critical issue in RI and how investors can advance on tax issues in a post-covid world 


This event is hosted by Responsible Investor as part of the RI ESG week. Responsible Investor is excited to launch RI Netherlands 2021, a free-to-air online event taking place 12-16 April. The event will bring together Dutch regulators, investors, asset […]

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