White paper - Round Table on Climate Adaptation

A group of experts, investors and other stakeholders convened at the Global Center of Adaptation (GCA) in November 2019 to discuss different approaches on how to adapt to the consequences of climate change. VBDO organized this round table as part […]

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News - VBDO AGM themes for 2020 -

AVA season 2020 For 25 years, VBDO has been attending some 40 annual general meetings of shareholders (AGMs, or AVA’s in Dutch) of Dutch listed companies. We want the impact of our engagement to be as big as possible. That […]

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News - Announcement event – Beef production and the supply chain: Risks of deforestation and land conversion -

In the second week of May we will talk to investors, retailers and international experts about the risks associated with livestock farming, the effects on deforestation and the conversion of land. We’ll delve deeper into the impact that livestock farming […]

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News - Round Table on Mining in the Philippines -

Mining is a sector that is notorious for its large, negative impact on people and the environment. Although we see a shift from linear to circular use of materials and minerals, many raw materials are still needed for the transition […]

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"A great, open discussion" - Marcel Andringa, Executive Director

We had a good open discussion with VBDO about the implementation of our sustainable investment policy. They gave us specific points for improvement. Conversely, they were also open to our experiences and suggestions.

"VBDO brings outside in" - Eric Huizing, VP Investments

We appreciate the work of VBDO. They bring the “outside in”; we are busy with the day-to-day business and then responsible investing often comes second. Through the role of “louse in the fur”, VBDO makes us aware of the fact that you should not only include the financial result in your decision-making process.