Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development


VBDO performs Benchmarks with pension funds, insurers, banks and companies. The reports can be found under Publications.

VBDO Benchmark Pension Funds
The annual VBDO Benchmark Pension Funds is famous in the pension world. Every year the fifty largest pension funds in the Netherlands participate in the benchmark. Our team then assesses the funds on a responsible investment policy and draws up a ranking list. At the festive presentation of the benchmark in the autumn, the winners will be honored and the results explained. This VBDO benchmark has been implemented since 20o6.

VBDO Benchmark Insurers
Since 2009, the VBDO has published its Benchmark Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies. The VBDO researchers take a closer look at the thirty largest Dutch insurers in the field of responsible investment. The latest results show that there is still a lot to be done for sustainability in this sector. For example, it is important that the investment policy is more prominent on the management agenda and that insurers set sustainable targets for their asset management.

VBDO Tax Transparency Benchmark
Tax transparency is one of the main themes within VBDO’s activities. By means of a responsible tax policy, companies and financial institutions contribute to the fair distribution of profits within society. They pay for the availability of various services in the public domain. VBDO has been implementing the Tax Transparency Benchmark since 2014, which tests the transparency of 76 companies in the Netherlands. In 2017 the ‘Investor Guide Integration of tax in responsible investment‘ was presented. VBDO expects companies and financial institutions to draw up a responsible tax policy in line with the most recent standards and standards.

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark
Corporate management with respect to human rights is improving, according to the latest report of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB), a ranking of company performance in respect of human rights. CHRB is supported by, among others, APG, Nordea and VBDO. The improvement can also be explained by the stimulus that comes from benchmarks and investors. There is growth in reporting on human rights and the pursuit of transparency. Five thousand companies have now made public commitments to prevent modern slavery in their supply chain. The report also mentions 28 companies that have not dealt with human rights in the last two years. There is still a long way to go before the UN Guiding Principles become part of the normal course of events.

More benchmarks
VBDO is currently working on a Climate Benchmark. Until recently, VBDO also published these benchmarks: the Responsible Supply Chain Benchmark and the Benchmark Circular Business.