About VBDO

Mission and vision

VBDO is the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development. Since its inception in 1995, VBDO’s mission is to create a sustainable capital market. VBDO’s vision: sustainable investment is mainstream. Would you like to contribute to this vision? Then you are most welcome to become a member of VBDO.


VBDO encourages financial institutions and listed companies to perform better in the area of sustainable investment and to make their own business operations more sustainable. It does this in a number of ways, including through benchmarking and by running surveys. VBDO regularly organises seminars and conferences in order to share knowledge and strengthen networks in the area of sustainable investment and entrepreneurship. Engagement is an important tool in moving towards a more sustainable capital market so, every year, representatives from VBDO attend shareholders’ meetings to ask questions about specific sustainability themes. Finally, VBDO offers solutions, and shares lessons learned and best practices. Read more about our work.


VBDO represents the interests of institutional and private members who want to contribute to the sustainable development of the capital market. The VBDO cannot do its work without its members. The association organises a quarterly VBDO Platform Meeting for institutional members. New initiatives and partnerships are discussed at the meeting and new insights and experiences in the field of sustainable investment are exchanged. During the Annual General Members’ Meeting, all members of the VBDO can ask questions and exert influence within the association.

International networks

VBDO is affiliated with a number of international networks, including:

ERIN (European Responsible Investment Network): a network of European non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that want to accelerate responsible investment. The VBDO is part of the ERIN steering group and working group on human rights.

GSIA (Global Sustainable Investment Alliance): a global partnership for sustainable investment. GSIA regularly publishes a report on trends within the sustainable investment market, entitled the Global Sustainable Investment Review.