Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development

About VBDO

Mission and vision

Wouldn’t it be great if the world becomes a better place because financial institutions only invest or lend their money in a sustainable way? That means: sustainable investment is mainstream. That is the vision of the VBDO: the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development.

For almost twenty-five years, VBDO has been the only Dutch association of investors that focuses specifically on sustainability with the mission of making the capital market more sustainable.


VBDO encourages financial institutions and listed companies to perform better in the area of ​​sustainable investment as well as to make their own business operations more sustainable. VBDO does this by conducting surveys and benchmarks. It also does this by organizing seminars and conferences aimed at sharing knowledge and strengthening networks in the area of ​​sustainable investment and entrepreneurship. The association also asks questions every year at shareholders’ meetings about specific sustainable themes. Engagement is an important tool for the VBDO to contribute to the sustainability of the capital market. Finally, the VBDO offers solutions, lessons learned and best practices. Read more about our work.


VBDO represents the interests of institutional and private members who want to contribute to the sustainable development of the capital market. The VBDO can not do its work without its members, who support the association. The association organizes every quarter a VBDO Platform consultation for institutional members. New initiatives and partnerships are discussed. Knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable investment are exchanged. During the Annual General Members’ Meeting, all members of the VBDO can ask questions and exert influence within the association.

International networks

The VBDO is affiliated to a number of international networks, including:

  • ERIN (European Responsible Investment Network): the network of European NGOs that want to accelerate responsible investment. VBDO is part of the ERIN steering group and working group on human rights.
  • Eurosif: the European organization of Sustainable Investment Fora (SIFs) with the aim of promoting the sustainability of European financial markets. The VBDO is part of the Eurosif board.
  • GSIA (Global Sustainable Investment Alliance): a global partnership for sustainable investment. GSIA regularly publishes a report on trends within the sustainable investment market: the Global Sustainable Investment Review.