Presentation AGM engagement report 2021


We have been a loyal visitor to general shareholders’ meetings (AGMs) for more than a quarter of a century. Every year, we ask critical questions to the directors of around 40 Dutch, listed companies, in order to promote sustainable business […]

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Expert Session: Water risk across asset classes


Water is a finite resource with only 2.5% potentially being usable for life on earth. To meet the SDGs that directly concern water (SDG 6 and SDG 14) an estimated US $ 670 billion of annual spending is required. But […]

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Webinar NZAOA: Real impact & initiatives


In the run up to COP26 in November this year, many climate related initiatives are aiming to go the extra mile on the race to zero. The most ambitious standard is set by the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance. The […]

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Tax Transparency Seminar 2020


The seminar focuses on sharing the results of the Tax Transparency Benchmark 2020. We hope that through this seminar companies, investors and advisors can further implement the theme. Speakers Astrid Durgaram – Senior Legal Counsel, ABP Alan McLean – Executive […]

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Proxy Voting & Sustainability


How is sustainability reflected in the voting policy of pension funds, how do they vote and who makes choices? How is sustainability reflected in the voting policy of pension funds, who ultimately makes choices and how is voting advice on […]

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Presentation Benchmark on Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2020


On October 26th 2020, Angélique Laskewitz, VBDO’s executive director van de VBDO presented the foremost results from and the publication of our Benchmark on Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2020 – From Boardroom Governance to Portfolio Implementation: […]

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WNF-NL & VBDO present the UN Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance – an introduction


Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, an introduction The Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA), initiated by the UN, is an ambitious group of asset owners. The alliance has made a public commitment to transform investment portfolios to reach Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions […]

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Fight child labor: a sustainable investment


Children are not supposed to work. They have the right to enjoy good education, the right to play and to be a real child, in a safe environment. VBDO is organizing a digital seminar together with the Alliance Work: No […]

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Biodiversity and the Financial Sector – Part 3: Policy Perspective


Webinar highlights Previous webinars illustrated a failure of the market to effectively address loss of biodiversity. Asset managers struggle with having a mandate to embed biodiversity in investment decisions, and even if they do then it is not clear cut how to measure the biodiversity footprint of […]

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Biodiversity and the Financial Sector – Part 2: Investor perspective


Webinar highlights Measuring and managing biodiversity; the financial and the real-world approach The awareness that biodiversity underpins all of society and therefore needs preserving is growing rapidly. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly clear that the loss of biodiversity will affect […]

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Biodiversity and the Financial Sector – Part 1: Company perspective


Webinar Highlights In the first webinar of the biodiversity series organised by VBDO, the scientific (represented by the WUR) and business (represented by Robeco) perspectives were presented. During the webinar, we explained that biodiversity forms the foundation of human society […]

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AGM Engagement Webinar 2020 – Momentum, 25 Years of Engagement


We are delighted to invite you to VBDO’s 2020 AGM Engagement Seminar. A special year because of VBDO’s 25th anniversary, and 25 years of VBDO AGM engagement. This one hour webinar took place on Juli 9th 2020 from 4:00-5:00 pm and […]

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