Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development



VBDO represents the interests of around eighty institutional and five hundred private investors who want to contribute to the sustainable development of the capital market. The VBDO can not do its work without its members, who support the association.

VBDO Platform consultation

The association organizes every quarter a VBDO Platform consultations for institutional investors. New initiatives and partnerships are discussed. Knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable investment are exchanged.

General meeting

The VBDO organizes an annual General Members’ Meeting for its institutional and private members. During this meeting, we discuss the performance of the previous year. The moment par excellence for the members of the VBDO to have a say in the policy of the association.


The responsibility for the execution of the daily activities and the management of the team lies with the director, who is accountable to the board.

Annual Reports 

VBDO Jaarverslag 2017
VBDO Jaarverslag 2016


You can download the VBDO statutes here.