Knowledge sharing

VBDO brings together various stakeholders to develop shared knowledge about sustainable investment. These stakeholders include pension funds, insurers, banks, asset managers, companies and NGOs. VBDO also organises meetings, publishes studies and shares knowledge with the media. VBDO continuously promotes the development of knowledge, leadership and innovation within the sector. VBDO Innovation Fund was set up to contribute to innovation on issues that really matter.

VBDO meetings

VBDO organises round tables, seminars and master classes with our members. These meetings contribute to knowledge sharing and capacity building aimed at making the financial system more sustainable. Leading experts and various stakeholders are brought together in order to share knowledge and, in some cases, enter into partnerships. VBDO meetings also support the development of thought leadership on specific topics. View upcoming events.

VBDO publications

In addition to benchmarks, VBDO conducts research into topics relating to sustainable investment. The resulting VBDO publications are publicly available.

VBDO peer reviews

VBDO offers peer reviews in order to enable organisations to gain insights into how similar parties in their sector are performing and determine what improvements they can make themselves.

VBDO themes highlighted

Here are some themes highlighted in which VBDO is sharing knowledge.