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Knowledge sharing

VBDO connects various stakeholders such as pension funds, insurers, banks, asset managers, companies and NGOs to develop and share knowledge about sustainable investment or entrepreneurship. Together we organize webinars and seminars, publish studies and share our knowledge and opinion in the media.

We continuously work on subject and leadership development on innovative themes, especially aimed at the financial sector. The VBDO Innovation Fund has been established to contribute to innovative, relevant topics. The fund is sponsored as an extra contribution by our members.

VBDO events

In collaboration with our members, the VBDO organizes round tables, seminars, webinars and masterclasses. These events contribute to sharing knowledge and capacity building aimed at making the financial system more sustainable.

We bring top experts and various stakeholders together for in-depth knowledge of various topics and for entering into partnerships. VBDO events are ideally suited to develop thought leadership on a specific topic.

VBDO publications

In addition to our benchmarks, the VBDO conducts research into topics related to sustainable investment and entrepreneurship. our publications are publicly available.

VBDO Peer reviews

VBDO offers peer reviews. These reviews facilitate your knowledge development on how comparable parties in the sector perform in the field of responsible investment. You also receive advice on possible, strategic improvements to your own organization.