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Our work

VBDO targets both the financial sector and the real economy in all of its activities.


VBDO engages in dialogue with companies on their sustainability performance and attends the Annual General Meetings of the largest Dutch companies. During these meetings, a VBDO spokesman asks questions and calls for specific commitments on environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes. This is done with the aim of sustainable practices being given high priority on boards’ agendas and encouraging companies to raise the bar.


VBDO has a leadership position in the area of developing and conducting benchmarking studies. These comparative studies serve to improve performance and transparency in sustainable investment. VBDO creates a race to the top by identifying front-runners and by facilitating the sharing of good practices.

Examples of benchmarks:

  • VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands
  • VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands
  • VBDO Tax Transparency Benchmark
  • Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Thought leadership

VBDO initiates knowledge building and shares the latest developments in the field of Responsible Investment. VBDO organises seminars, roundtables and master classes. In addition, VBDO shares publications, generates media coverage and offers peer reviews.