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Online expert session Deforestation and financial decision-making

  • Date: 31/01/2023
  • Time: 3.00 - 4.00 PM (CET)
  • Location: Online

NB. The language of this event is English

Online VBDO expert session Deforestation and financial decision-making: what can investors do?

Forests are the lungs of the world and play an important role in mitigating CO2 emissions. They are a vital part of the planet’s ecosystem, which underpins our economic system, as over half of the world’s GDP is dependent on nature.

During this session, we’ll discuss the relationship between deforestation, other types of conversion and the financial sector. We will present, among other things, the main findings from the WWF report ‘Seeing the Forest for the Trees’ and provide ample opportunity for discussion with our panel of experts from CDP, Deloitte, Robeco and WWF Brazil.

We will also deal with issues such as: how do the financial institutions, deforestation and conversion connect? What are the risks of deforestation and conversion for the financial sector? And how can finance bend the deforestation curve?

This online session is organized in collaboration with and made possible by WWF-NL.


  • 15.00-15.05 | Word of Welcome | Jacqueline Duiker, sr. manager VBDO;
  • 15.05-15.20 | Presentation WWF report Seeing the Forests for the Trees | Kayan Patel, Strategic Project Manager – Sustainable Finance (BCG Secondee);
    This report provides a practical guide for financial institutions to take action on deforestation and conversion risks.
  • 15.20-16.00 | Panel discussion | Radhika Mehrotra, Associate Director Capital Markets at CDP / Jean-François Timmers, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Deforestation and Conversion-free Supply Chains at WWF Brazil / Claire Ahlborn, Social Engagement Specialist at Robeco / Jochen Blaffert, Partner and Financial Services Industry Lead at Deloitte.