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White Paper: Institutional Investors and Climate Change


Publication: VBDO White Paper: Institutional Investors and Climate Change

Climate change is increasingly becoming visible on the radar of institutional investors, who acknowledge the relevance of the topic by taking it into account in the development and implementation of their investment strategies.

VBDO provides a set of recommendations for the different actors: asset owners, asset managers and data providers in this White Paper. VBDO shares insights, best practices and discusses next steps institutional investors can take on this topic. By means of this whitepaper we provide the main findings of the presentations and discussions of the master classes and an agenda for next steps.

According to VBDO the questions institutional investors need to address are:

– What influence will climate change and the energy transition have on society, the economy and investment portfolios?
– What is the exposure of investors to these risks and opportunities?
– How can investors mitigate these risks and take on their societal role?

This paper is the result of three master classes the VBDO organized in cooperation with a wide range of experts and SPIL (Sustainable Pension Investments Lab) in 2016/2017.