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VBDO launches awareness campaign sustainable insurance for consumers

Today the national campaign “Insure your world” started by the Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), supported by the Dutch Association of Insurers. Increasingly the Dutch take sustainability into account regarding their purchasing behavior, but still, few see the link between insurance and sustainability. The campaign aims to make consumers aware of the possible impact that their insurance premium has on a more sustainable world.

The Dutch consciously choose, for example, a sustainable energy supplier or responsible eating and drinking, according to market research by agencies SAMR and b-open. A much smaller proportion of consumers take sustainability into account when it comes to the choice of insurance. The VBDO is an independent association that is committed to increasing sustainability in the capital market. With this campaign the association wants consumers to become aware of the link between their insurance premium and how insurers invest.

Olivier Hofman, spokesman and person responsible for the campaign at the VBDO: “Many people do not yet see a link between insurance and sustainability, or they think about it in terms of insurance products, such as insuring solar panels or sustainable repairs after damage. It is lesser known that in many cases the premium paid to your insurer is invested. Especially with long-term premiums such as for a pension or life insurance, it quickly becomes a large sum of money. Investing can be done in the traditional way, where insurers pay particular attention to the rate of return acquired. It can also be sustainable; in addition to financial returns, more account is taken into the impact on people and the environment. How premiums are invested therefore differs per insurer. With this campaign we want people to become aware of the relationship between paying your insurance premium and the way in which insurers invest it”.

The Dutch Association of Insurers, the Dutch trade association for insurers, stands behind the campaign. Richard Weurding, General Manager of the Association: “With invested assets of approximately 420 billion euros, the Dutch insurance sector can and want to contribute to a sustainable world, for example, through the IRBC agreements in which the entire insurance industry stands behind. This campaign translates our ambitions towards consumers and is helped by the website where they can gain insight into what happens with their premium. We fully support the message of the campaign and expect it to contribute to consumer awareness”.

The campaign includes an informative video, social media messages and website for consumers: