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Expertsession 1: Stop Child Labour

  • Date: 11/02/2021
  • Time: 3 - 4.30 PM
  • Location: Online

NB. This event is intended for professionals working within the banking, insurance pension fund sector.

Would you like to contribute ideas about the role of the financial sector in combating child labor?

VBDO, in cooperation with the Alliance Work: No Child’s Business (consisting of Save the Children, Unicef en de coalitie Stop Kinderarbeid), organizes a couple of sessions in the field of finance and child labour. These sessions will be at the start of a study VBDO will perform on how financial institutions are dealing with this topic and what best practices there are.

In these expert sessions we will collectively look at the challenges the financial sector faces in dealing with child labour and share experiences.

The UN has declared 2021 the international year for the elimination of child labour. We hope this year will offer momentum to collectively fight child labour and are interested in your views on what the role of the financial sector ought to be.


  • Introduction VBDO & Save the Children
    • What does the current policy and practice looks like: Is child labour on the agenda and what are the key learning points?
  • Financial Institution shares experiences
  • Open discussion about focus and monitoring
    • What are the challenges? What would the ideal situation look like and what would be needed in order to get there? What can your organization do already to achieve this?
  • Open discussion about engagement
    • What are the experiences with engagement specifically focused on child labour?
    • What challenges did you encounter in these engagement processes?
    • If these engagements haven’t taken place, why not?
  • What would be the best next steps also in the light of coming legislation?


Registration for this event is no longer possible.