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Emiek Heemstra and Florine Kits van Heijningen join VBDO team

Two new project managers, Florine Kits van Heijningen and Emiek Heemstra recently joined the VBDO team. We are excited about working together with them towards a more sustainable future.

Emiek Heemstra

‘During my studies in International Development Studies and my internship at Greenpeace Netherlands, I became increasingly concerned with sustainability and the transition to a just society. I learned that more is needed than just changing your own behaviour as a consumer: responsible choices by entrepreneurs and investors are at least as important.

That is why I want to continue to work and develop in this area, and I am pleased that at VBDO I have the opportunity to work in a fun and motivated team, creating a more sustainable financial sector.’

Florine Kits van Heijningen

‘During my International Relations studies and my Masters in Middle East Studies and Law & Politics of International Security, I was confronted with major social issues on a daily basis. This made me want to contribute to creating solutions for this.

It is therefore motivating that I can dedicate myself daily to themes such as climate and human rights at the VBDO. My colleagues are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I learn a lot. It gives satisfaction to work together towards a more sustainable world.’