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ONVZ insurer joins VBDO

We announce with great pleasure that ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar has joined the VBDO. In doing so, ONVZ sends a clear signal that its mission extends beyond providing individual healthcare.

Marco Saas, CFRO at ONVZ: ‘ONVZ is a specialised health insurer. As a non-profit association, we are committed to the health of our members, and a sustainable living environment. To a large extent, we also contribute to this mission through our investments. We joined VBDO because they share our values and we believe together we can achieve more. With shared effort, we can make a bigger impact on our goals for a healthier world.’

On behalf of our members and the VBDO team, we would like to warmly welcome everyone at ONVZ. We look forward to an enjoyable and sustainable cooperation!