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Heineken, donate your Russian tax to Ukraine

Stijn Scholten, project manager sustainability & responsible investment - 27/03/2023

Finally, Heineken has acknowledged its debts. Even though the beer multinational primarily passed on its responsibility to its subsidiary in Russia, it has now offered an official apology. Heineken had, although admitted afterwards, granted permission to launch 61 new products […]

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Structural lobby washing requires a responsible strategy

Stijn Scholten, project manager sustainability & responsible investment - 14/03/2023

Lobby washing Although the term greenwashing has been known for a long time, a new phenomenon emerged from recent research by VBDO, namely ”lobby washing”. Supermarkets and FMCGs such as Ahold Delhaize and Henkel are happy to show the general […]

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A fair energy transition starts with fair investing


One of the biggest challenges for achieving the Paris agreement is realizing a fair energy transition for developing countries. Think of countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and India, which depend on coal for their electricity supply. If this current dependence […]

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Living off the wind? Invest in sustainable energy

Mart van Kuijk, Project Manager Sustainable Investment, VBDO - 04/01/2023

With the current developments in the energy market, sustainable investment in wind and solar energy does not seem like a bad idea. But there is a lot of choice and this can be opaque, especially for novice investors. ‘Sustainable investing […]

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Sustainability must be brought to our real-world economy

Angélique Laskewitz, executive director VBDO - 30/12/2022

Much more capital is still going to fossil fuels than to sustainable energy. What do you think of that? “We are stuck together in the real economy and in fossil energy. Investors continue to invest money in those kinds of […]

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Sustainable investing requires self-reflection

Sara Heinsbroek, Project Manager Sustainable Investment, VBDO - 29/12/2022

In the past, we have seen how the public debate on sustainability and the financial sector has hardened. Supervisors are carrying out raids and former top executives of large institutions are sounding the alarm. Opponents of responsible investing eagerly respond […]

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Does the SFDR help with the choice for sustainable investment?


New legislation has been in force within the European Union since March 2021. The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) aims to get more money for positive impact. By demanding greater transparency from providers of financial products, it is expected that […]

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Column AMR Sara Heinsbroek

AMR: meer aandacht voor minder antibiotica in veeteelt


Op initiatief van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) is het elk jaar op 7 april Wereldgezondheidsdag. Sinds de uitbraak van de coronapandemie staan zoönosen, ziektes die van dier op mens kunnen overgaan, in de kijker als bedreiging voor de volksgezondheid. De link […]

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Let PostNL pay a fair price for delivery

Mart van Kuijk & Hester Holtland, Project Managers Sustainable Investment, VBDO - 26/11/2021

We have seen serious situations in parcel delivery for a number of years, with the new low on Monday morning being raids by the labor inspectorate at PostNL in Belgium. This once again revealed serious abuses, including parcel deliverers who […]

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We all invest in child labour

Hester Holtland, Senior Project Manager Sustainability & Responsible Investment - 19/11/2021

Child labour is an important issue within the Dutch financial sector. And although in some cases it can also be a material risk, child labour is primarily about the ethical aspect. Nobody wants to invest in child labour. And yet […]

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Discussion between the VBDO and Athora Netherlands – Insurer joins Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA)

Jan Willem de Vaal, Sustainability manager at Athora Netherlands, Ruud Hadders, Responsible Investment Officer at Actiam - 10/11/2021

During the past year, VBDO together with WWF brought the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA) to the attention of the Dutch financial sector. The members of the NZAOA commit themselves to a transition of their investment portfolio to net-zero […]

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