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Unilever’s gone wrong packaging

Freek van Til, Projectleader Plastic Engagement, VBDO - 15/05/2024

Unilever has long stood as a giant in the consumer goods industry. However, I strongly question whether this giant is taking the right steps. To my astonishment, last week in the FD, I read about their weakened goals regarding plastic […]

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Our thinking on investment returns has changed

Angélique Laskewitz, director at VBDO - 16/04/2024

As part of the publication of the asset manager APG’s annual report, APG interviewed Angélique Laskewitz, director of VBDO. In the interview, she explains, among other things, which steps pension funds can take in the coming years to become more […]

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Guido Evertz en Pavan Gandhi Unigarant sustainable investment

Balancing between feasibility, reliability and sustainability

Guido Evertz, Sustainability Manager & Pavan Gandhi, ESG Advisor for Investments, Unigarant NV - 09/04/2024

We spoke with Guido Evertz, Sustainability Manager, and Pavan Gandhi, ESG Advisor for Investments, from Unigarant NV. (Unigarant NV also acts on behalf of the insurance company UVM Verzekeringsmaatschappij NV; hereafter, the two companies are jointly referred to as ‘Unigarant’). […]

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Angelique Laskewitz good practice biodiversity

Best practices to engage meaningfully with biodiversity

Angélique Laskewitz, directeur VBDO & Alexander Spek, Sustainability Lead PWC - 06/02/2024

Large companies and investors need to get the huge loss of biodiversity on their radar and implement measures to help nature recover. Such is the aim of PwC and the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), which are now […]

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Integration of biodiversity in SRI policies by pension fund Rail & OV

Joël Habets, investment strategist, and Simona Kramer, portfolio manager Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) at Pension fund Rail & OV. - 11/12/2023

Last year Pension Fund Rail & OV published a case study on biodiversity, exploring how institutional investors can include this topic in socially responsible investment (SRI) policies. We spoke with Joël Habets, investment strategist, and Simona Kramer, portfolio manager Socially […]

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How BPL pension fund invests in biodiversity


Eric Douma is a board member of BPL Pensioen: the pension fund for the agricultural sector. Besides this, he also represents agricultural entrepreneurs as a member of the board of LTO Noord, the Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation for North Netherlands, […]

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Romie Goedicke TNFD biodiversiteit UNEP FI

Romie Goedicke on the TNFD and biodiversity

Romie Goedicke, Co-Head Nature, UNEP FI - 12/09/2023

Romie Goedicke Co-Heads the nature thematic at the UNEP Finance Initiative. She also leads the work on nature-related risk and disclosure and manages the work on mainstreaming and capacity building. In these ways, she supports the work on the alignment […]

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Roel Nozeman ASN biodiversiteit

ASN’s strategy to net positive biodiversity in 2030

Roel Nozeman, Head of the biodiversity team, ASN Bank & Programme Director, Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) - 22/08/2023

ASN Bank is the first bank globally to set itself the goal to realise an overall net positive effect on biodiversity in 2030 with the total of its investments. We talk about ASN’s strategy to reach this goal, how pension […]

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A company that stays silent now agrees to fossil subsidy


Can striving for an inclusive and sustainable Netherlands go hand in hand with providing fossil subsidies? VNO-NCW thinks so. Last week, VNO-NCW signed a letter published in de Volkskrant calling for the provision of fossil fuel subsidies. Adjusting the rules […]

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Heineken, donate your Russian tax to Ukraine

Stijn Scholten, project manager sustainability & responsible investment - 27/03/2023

Finally, Heineken has acknowledged its debts. Even though the beer multinational primarily passed on its responsibility to its subsidiary in Russia, it has now offered an official apology. Heineken had, although admitted afterwards, granted permission to launch 61 new products […]

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Structural lobby washing requires a responsible strategy

Stijn Scholten, project manager sustainability & responsible investment - 14/03/2023

Lobby washing Although the term greenwashing has been known for a long time, a new phenomenon emerged from recent research by VBDO, namely ”lobby washing”. Supermarkets and FMCGs such as Ahold Delhaize and Henkel are happy to show the general […]

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