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Principles of Sustainable Finance for students

February 4, in CIRCL, Amsterdam, VBDO-director Angélique Laskewitz will make the opening statement at the book presentation ‘Principles of Sustainable Finance’ by Dirk Schoenmaker and Willem Schramade. 

Principles of Sustainable Finance explains how the financial sector can be mobilized for a better world. Using finance as a means to achieve social goals we can divert the economy from its current path to a world that is sustainable for all.

Written for undergraduate, graduate, and executive students of finance, economics, business, and sustainability, this textbook combines theory, empirical data, and policy to explain the sustainability challenges for corporate investment. It shows how finance can steer funding to certain companies and projects without sacrificing return and thus speed up the transition to a sustainable economy. It analyses the Sustainable Development Goals as a strategy for a better world and provides evidence that environmental, social, and governance factors matter, explaining in detail how to incorporate these factors in the corporate and financial sectors.

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