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White paper – Round Table on Climate Adaptation


Publication: White paper - Round Table on Climate Adaptation

A group of experts, investors and other stakeholders convened at the Global Center of Adaptation (GCA) in November 2019 to discuss different approaches on how to adapt to the consequences of climate change. VBDO organized this round table as part of a series of activities focused on climate change and the financial sector.

Climate adaptation is a relatively new topic for investors but gaining importance quickly. Universities, ngo’s, governments and engineering organizations are also working on adaptation from their perspectives. Sharing and discussing different perspectives contributes to evaluating and sharpening prevailing approaches and to overarching knowledge building.

With this round table VBDO hopes to help direct the joint efforts towards effective approaches, tools and solutions to achieve socio-environmental resilience. The focus of the discussion was on real assets: adaptation to the physical risks of climate change and possible solutions. The discussion was introduced by presentations on:

• Overview of models to embed physical risk in investment portfolio’s: an academic approach;

• Climate change and investing in real assets: a market approach;

• Socio-environmental resilience: a system approach;

• Nature-based Solutions to climate change that also offer investment opportunities: a practical approach.

This paper offers an account of the presentations and discussion.