Online training webinar series part 1 – Beef production & supply chains

Our first webinar in collaboration with IUCN NL and WWF NL on cattle supply chains and deforestation was a success, with 32 participants joining our digital meeting. This session was mainly about setting the scene. From insights on the situation in Paraguay to a more sectoral approach and eventually the link with the financial sector. We’ve set the scene for the next two webinars. Here’s a short description of what our speakers shared.

Fabiana Arévalos, Program Coordinator and Araceli Duré, Analist at Guyra Paraguay shared their experience on working in the Gran Chaco ecoregion in Latin America. Many insights were presented on the current situation in this area and how Guyra as a local NGO aims to tackle the issue of deforestation due to cattle and soy production. Fabiana stressed the need for improved traceability, transparency and monitoring of the beef supply chain and that under local law still a lot of deforestation is taking place.

Simon Hall, Senior Manager – Tropical Forests & Agriculture at the National Wildlife Federation currently serves as NWF’s representative on the Board of Directors of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB). Simon shared information on the Joint Working Group on Land-Use Change (JWG) – focused on helping advance solutions that protect forests and native vegetation and promote more sustainable cattle value chains. Simon presented nine major points for financial institutions on how to contribute.

Maria Lettini, Executive Director at the FAIRR Initiative. Maria presented the work of FAIRR a.o. the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index (assessment of 60 largest animal protein related companies), with 10 risk factors (including Deforestation and Biodiversity) and 31 KPIs. One of the main findings is that the majority of beef producing companies have no or very limited discussion of deforestation risks in their cattle supply chains. She stressed that there is no time to waste: there is an increase in deforestation, e.g. in Brazil, while at the same time due to COVID19 sustainability is more upfront.

The presentations will be shared on VBDO’s website next week. Would you like to join the discussion? Join our next two sessions on the 10th and 24th of June (FI only). Please send an e-mail to Both sessions are almost full.