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VBDO welcomes Ahold Delhaize Pensioen as new member

Ahold Delhaize Pension recently became a member of VBDO. The entire VBDO team warmly welcomes them and of course, we look forward to further, sustainable cooperation. They are happy to introduce themselves:

Ahold Delhaize Pension invests in the future of its participants

Caring for the world of today and tomorrow. Ahold Delhaize Pension also wants to contribute to this. They do so by investing their assets well and sustainably.

Ahold Delhaize Pension is convinced that good and sustainable investments contribute to a positive long-term result: a good pension for every participant in a liveable world. In doing so, the fund takes into account a balance between risk, return and sustainability.

‘We invest according to the standards and values of our participants,’ said Eric Huizing, VP of investments at Ahold Delhaize Pension. ‘Sustainable investment has increasingly become our focus in recent years. Our ambition in that area was recently adjusted after we conducted research among our participants and also engaged in frequent discussions with them. Thanks in part to all their input, we have now formulated a very clear ambition with concrete objectives. Our membership in VBDO is therefore a logical step in that process. The VBDO is an organization dedicated to making the capital market more sustainable. Like VBDO, Ahold Delhaize Pension is convinced that all our joint efforts will lead to a healthier, more livable and just world.