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Health insurer Menzis joins the VBDO

On January 1st, 2024, VBDO welcomed Menzis as a new member. Desiree Wareman, Treasury and Asset Management Manager at Menzis: ‘Menzis has been a non-profit cooperative since 1836, a health insurer with more than 1.8 million members. We are committed to sustainably accessible and affordable care. In the Netherlands, we take care of each other.

This solidarity in healthcare is an important starting point for us. We all pay premiums. This is how we keep healthcare accessible and affordable for generations now and beyond. Everyone is welcome at Menzis. Sick or healthy, young or old. It is not without reason that our mission states: ‘Every person is more vibrant, now and in the future.’ As a logical extension, we also focus on sustainability. Sustainability is the standard for our investment policy and we are convinced that investing with an eye for the world yields not only financial returns but also social returns. We use the proceeds from our investments to keep premiums as low as possible and allow us to invest in future-proof care.

With its VBDO membership, Menzis endorses the need to further make the capital market more sustainable. After all, financial decisions have an impact on people, the environment and society. For us, membership provides access to a relevant network and we expect that through knowledge sharing and collaboration, the development of our ambition in the field of sustainable investing will remain even more current.’

The VBDO is grateful for the support it receives from Menzis and its other members and looks forward to a sustainable collaboration.