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Natural Capital

Natural capital refers to all goods and services that nature has to offer and what a company depends on. Most companies are very dependent on this type of capital.

VBDO investigates to what extent a company manages its impact, risks and dependence on natural capital. The association also looks at whether and how the company manages this dependence in its chain. VBDO is convinced that the business sector plays an important role in the preservation of our ecosystems and biodiversity. That is why VBDO encourages companies to include the interests of natural capital in their business strategy. This environmental theme contributes to Sustainable Development Goals: 267111314 en 15.

Supplement Natural Capital Protocol
In April 2018, in Hong Kong, the VBDO, together with the Natural Capital Coalition and the Natural Capital Finance Alliance, launched ‘Connecting Finance and Natural Capital: A Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol’. The report provides guidelines for the integration of natural capital into assets and portfolios. View the short video below. We also published a Whitepaper on Natural Capital, building on our Natural Capital Expeditions.