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We all invest in child labour

Auteur: Hester Holtland, Senior Project Manager Sustainability & Responsible Investment - 19/11/2021

Child labour is an important issue within the Dutch financial sector. And although in some cases it can also be a material risk, child labour is primarily about the ethical aspect. Nobody wants to invest in child labour. And yet […]

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Child labour, an underexposed topic for the Dutch financial sector


Publication: Child labour and Dutch institutional investors: a study on incorporating child labour in responsible investment

162 million children globally are part of the labour force. For the Dutch financial sector, child labour is an underexposed topic. Two-thirds of the institutional investors surveyed mention child labour in their RI policy, but only 7% of this group […]

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Expert session Child labour and the financial sector


We are pleased to announce the final expert session in this series on child labor and institutional investors. During this webinar, VBDO project manager Sara Heinsbroek will present the main results of our latest report on child labor in responsible […]

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Webinar Child labour in the kobalt industry


During the second session in this series on child labor and the financial sector, a number of experts will focus on child labor in the cobalt sector. Since cobalt is crucial for the energy transition, this sector is of particular […]