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VBDO wishes you all a healthy, blessed and sustainable 2023

On December 22, the VBDO team experienced a wonderful, and warm ending to an eventful and successful VBDO year. Together we enjoyed the annual  VBDO Christmas dinner, hosted by and at our director Angélique’s home at the dining table (dress code “Mamma Mia”).

Although we said goodbye to a number of loyal colleagues last year, we have maintained a strong team by welcoming new faces. We are therefore fully confident that we will be able to continue to work on our mission to make our capital market more sustainable in the coming years.

We would like to point out some highlights of the past year:


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Of course, also our best wishes for 2023. We sincerely hope you’ll be blessed with a healthy and sustainable 2023!
(On picture, ltr & ttb); Angélique Laskewitz, Fatima Achouitar, Stijn Scholten, Freek van Til, Emiek Heemstra, Sara Heinsbroek, Jacqueline Duiker, Florine Kits van Heijningen, Olivier Hofman, Mart van Kuijk)