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Proxy Voting & Sustainability

  • Date: 12/11/2020
  • Time: 9:15 - 10.30 AM CET
  • Location: Webinar

How is sustainability reflected in the voting policy of pension funds, how do they vote and who makes choices?

How is sustainability reflected in the voting policy of pension funds, who ultimately makes choices and how is voting advice on climate resolutions dealt with?

These are questions we received an answer on during our webinar on November 12th. In addition to the Responsible Investment Benchmark 2020 for pension funds, published on 26th of October, VBDO conducted a thematic study among the 50 largest pension funds. The study gave us more insight into the voting policy of Dutch pension funds and the market for voting advice and implementation.

During the webinar, with an asset manager and a pension fund, we delved deeper into the results of the study, the dilemmas the parties mentioned encounter as well as having had a dialogue about what pension funds can do in order to get the most value from their active shareholding.


Please note: the main language of this event is Dutch

  • 09.15 – Digitale opening en polling
  • 09.20 – Welcome | Angelique Laskewitz
  • 09.25 – VBDO research results  | Mart van Kuijk & Xander Urbach, Project managers VBDO
  • 09:40 – Achmea Investment Management | Annette van der Krogt, Hoofd Verantwoord Beleggen (onder voorbehoud)
  • 09:55 – PME | Daan Spaargaren, Strateeg Verantwoord Beleggen bij PME Pensioenfonds
  • 10:10 – Panel discussion
  • 10:30 – Closure


Also read (a summary of) the full report Proxy Voting & Sustainablility – Research among Dutch pension funds.