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De VBDO welcomes Fair Wear, Reward Value and VGZ as new members

In the past six months, six organisations have applied for membership of the VBDO. In addition to Phenix Capital, Trillium and ClientEarth, the Fair Wear Foundation, Reward Value Foundation and VGZ may also call themselves members of our association from the start of 2022. We look forward to long-term cooperation with all of you.

Fair Wear Foundation

“At Fair Wear Foundation, we know there is a better way to make clothing. We want to see a world in which the clothing industry supports employees in realizing their right to safe, decent and well-paid work.

To do this, we focus on garment manufacturing, especially sewing, cutting and trimming processes – the most labor-intensive parts of the supply chain. We partner with our 140+ member brands, who are committed to finding a fairer way to make clothing and we work directly with factories, unions, NGOs and governments to find answers to problems others think are unsolvable. Together we bring together new solutions across the supply chain to make fashion fair for everyone.

We believe in the power of the financial sector as a catalyst for change in the clothing and footwear sector. By joining the VBDO, we are closer to the sector and there is more understanding and cooperation.”

Reward Value Foundation

“Reward Value is a non-profit research initiative established by Frederic Barge. Reward Value believes that current executive compensation practices no longer fit the societal context in which companies operate. Reward Value aims to – in cooperation with all stakeholders – contribute to a much-needed redesign of executive compensation practices.”


“As an investor, Coöperatie VGZ is not only interested in the financial returns of its investments, but also in the social impact that is caused. The purpose of VGZ is to make the Netherlands healthier. From the belief in the influence of capital, we can contribute through investments. The role of cooperation with other parties is of great added value. “Together we are stronger” is the conviction here.

Ultimately, the investments are aimed at a safer and fairer world, in the broadest sense of the word, with an emphasis on health and climate alongside ESG aspects. Coöperatie VGZ sees it as its mission to invest in relevant investment solutions by maximizing financial, environmental and social returns in the short and long term. We recognize that it is our fiduciary duty to support the transition to a sustainable society.”