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The role of financial institutions and governments in Dutch climate adaptation


Publication: Making the Netherlands climate adaptive: The role of financial institutions and governments

The consequences of climate change create business risks that have an impact on the financial sector. There are therefore many opportunities for the sector, like collaborating with the government to make The Netherlands climate adaptive. However, climate adaptation does not only play a local or national role: the subject is also part of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan of the European Commission.

Klimaatbestendig, NextGreen and the VBDO mapped out the role that financial institutions and governments can play in making The Netherlands climate adaptive. With this report we offer an overview of the current developments of the financial sector in The Netherlands. It shows, among other things, what next steps financial institutions can take towards developers, real estate owners and companies to (further) adapt their policies and projects to climate change.

The report was developed based on deskresearch and 20 interviews with financial institutions, governments and other stakeholders.

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