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Freek van Til and Stijn Scholten strengthen VBDO team

Since September two great persons have joined our team, Stijn Scholten en Freek van Til. It is with great pleasure we introduce them to you.

Freek van Til

For several years I have been working on sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word, on a daily basis. That drive started from interactions with like-minded people, as well as in previous work experiences at Greenpeace New Zealand and the Radboud Green Office.

Over the past two years, this has been further strengthened during my Master’s degree in Anthropology and Development Studies, with a major in Impact Investing and SDG engagement in the Dutch financial sector. I am very much looking forward to my further development at VBDO, where I can dedicate myself to my heart’s content for a more sustainable future.’

Freek is primarily involved in projects such as Impact Investing and collective engagement for responsible mining.

Stijn Scholten

‘Sustainability is a subject that is close to my heart. In my work, I want to be able to contribute to a more sustainable world.. VBDO makes this wish possible. At VBDO I work together with fun and passionate colleagues and we all share the desire to realize a sustainable and responsible capital market. In other words: at the VBDO I will work on fundamental issues and in that way contribute to a healthier and more just world.’

Stijn recently completed his Philosophy, Politics and Economics education at Utrecht University and did an internship with us last year. He will be working on our innovation project on responsible investments in the energy transition.