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Ocean sustainability


Life below water (SDG 14) is part of the foundation of a thriving society and economy. In particular, our oceans have many crucial functions. Oceans are a massive natural tank for carbon emissions, they ensure coastal protection and play a […]

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WWF Webinar – Bridging the gaps in ESG water data to create opportunities for investors


Investors currently lack contextual focus and common definitions when it comes to mainstream ESG water data. Moreover, limited information on value chains means that data is often lacking or misinterpreted, resulting in a narrow understanding of water (both in terms […]

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Water in finance: a matter of risk and value

Auteur: Jacqueline Duiker (sr. manager sustainability & responsible investment, VBDO) & Michael Lewis (Head of research ESG, DWS) - 03/06/2021

Water risk consistently appears close to the top of the WEF’s list of global risks, yet there is still a widespread misperception that water is cheap and plentiful. Nothing could be further from the truth and we call on standard […]

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Expert Session: Water risk across asset classes


Water is a finite resource with only 2.5% potentially being usable for life on earth. To meet the SDGs that directly concern water (SDG 6 and SDG 14) an estimated US $ 670 billion of annual spending is required. But […]

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Investor Engagement Guide on Water Management and Mining


Publication: Investor Engagement Guide on Water Management and Mining

This engagement guide is intended to function as a possible tool for asset managers for engagement with mining companies on water management. It aims to aid in the development of sustainable water management practices adhering to SMART principles (Specific, Measurable, […]

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