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AGM calendar 2021

The VBDO has attended the general meetings of shareholders (AGMs) of Dutch listed companies since its inception. We want the impact of our engagement to be as great as possible. That is why every three years we prioritize themes that we and our members consider important, on which we ask critical questions and keep a finger on the pulse over the years with regard to progress. Every year, at the end of the season, we publish an AGM engagement report containing our findings.

Below you will find an overview of our planned AGM visits.

Scheduled AGM visits

Financial Sector
ABN Amro 21-apr.
ING group 26-apr.
Aegon 3-jun.
a.s.r. 19-mei
NN group 20-mei
Heijmans 14-apr.
Royal BAM Group 14-apr.
Aalberts 27-mei
Corbion 19-mei
DSM 6-mei
ArcelorMittal 4-mei
Boskalis 12-mei
Vopak 21-apr.
AkzoNobel 23-apr.
Technology & Electronics
ASML 29-apr.
Philips 6-mei
TKH Group 6-mei
Signify 18-mei
Food, Beverage & Retail
Sligro 24-mrt.
Heineken 22-apr.
Wereldhave 26-apr.
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield 12-mei
Randstad 23-mrt.
SBM Offshore 7-apr.
PostNL 20-apr.
Wolters Kluwer 22-apr.
Fugro 22-apr.
KPN 14-apr.

AGM engagement report

Our 2021 AGM findings will be published in our annual AGM engagement report, which we will present on the 30th of June. The results of the 2020 season can be found in our AGM report: AGM Engagement Report 2020: Momentum – 25 Years of Engagement. The webinar in which the results of the 2020 season are discussed can be found here.