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Presentation theme study Impact Investing


Theme study Impact Investing On November 10, VBDO presents her most recent study on Impact Investing in illiquid markets for Dutch pension funds, in collaboration with Achmea and WWF. You may pre-order a digital copy of the report free of […]

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Freek van Til and Stijn Scholten strengthen VBDO team


Since September two great persons have joined our team, Stijn Scholten en Freek van Til. It is with great pleasure we introduce them to you. Freek van Til For several years I have been working on sustainability, in the broadest […]

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Presentation Benchmark responsible investment by pension funds in the Netherlands 2022


Please note: this event is only open to pension fund directors. We are pleased to announce the publication and presentation of the VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2022. The annual VBDO Benchmark Pension Funds is […]

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BlueFIN22 VBDO partner

VBDO endorsing partner BlueFIN22


VBDO is appointed as endorsing partner and would like to introduce our stakeholders to BlueFIN2022 Organized by the World Ocean Council (WOC), the Global Blue Finance Summit – BlueFIN is set to launch as the leading conference on ocean investment […]

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Does the SFDR help with the choice for sustainable investment?


New legislation has been in force within the European Union since March 2021. The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) aims to get more money for positive impact. By demanding greater transparency from providers of financial products, it is expected that […]

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VBDO starts with new EU study tax transparency


Every year, VBDO, with the support of PWC, examines the degree of sound tax policy at around 75 Dutch companies. Since 2015, tax transparency has started to play an increasingly important role. Last year, the average score even reached a […]

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VDO agm report 2022

Biodiversity found to be important theme for Dutch listed companies


Publication: AGM engagement report 2022 - Keep Up

For 85% of Dutch companies conservation of biodiversity is seen as important; Financial institutions in particular are putting pressure on companies for improvement; Only 26% of the companies surveyed have concrete objectives for preserving biodiversity. Biodiversity finally on the agenda […]

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The purpose of finance and investment

VBDO publishes podcast: The purpose of finance and investment


The worlds’ severe challenges on sustainable development call for financial decision-making from investors on capital markets, CFO’s within companies and governmental policymakers, to meet them. Especially now, at a point in time when private markets are also beginning to suffer […]

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VBDO uses new platform for research


Every year, VBDO publishes among other research its pension fund benchmark, a comparative study of the 50 largest Dutch pension funds. They answer 50 questions, for which they have to substantiate the answers with documentation. This yields an average of […]

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Column AMR Sara Heinsbroek

AMR: meer aandacht voor minder antibiotica in veeteelt


Op initiatief van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) is het elk jaar op 7 april Wereldgezondheidsdag. Sinds de uitbraak van de coronapandemie staan zoönosen, ziektes die van dier op mens kunnen overgaan, in de kijker als bedreiging voor de volksgezondheid. De link […]

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WWF Webinar – Bridging the gaps in ESG water data to create opportunities for investors


Investors currently lack contextual focus and common definitions when it comes to mainstream ESG water data. Moreover, limited information on value chains means that data is often lacking or misinterpreted, resulting in a narrow understanding of water (both in terms […]

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VBDO supports CSR platform call to Minister Schreinemacher

The European Commission recently published a proposal for rules for sustainable and responsible business in global supply chains. The proposal includes a due diligence obligation for companies and a promise that governments will monitor compliance with the rules. However, according […]