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Call on investors: sign our investor statement on plastics


The VBDO calls on all its members and other institutional investors to sign our investor statement on the use of plastic by companies. The entire current plastic lifecycle poses a growing threat to the environment, climate, biodiversity, human rights and […]

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Global Impact Investing Network survey


Requested: survey participants The purpose of the Global Impact Investor Survey is to learn about your organization’s asset allocations to impact, impact measurement and management practices, and perceptions on the state of the impact investing market. This survey provides a […]

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AGM calendar Dutch stock listed companies

AGM calendar 2023


Since its inception, the VBDO has attended the general meetings of shareholders (AGMs) of Dutch-listed companies. We want the impact of our engagement to be as large as possible. That is why every three years we prioritize sustainable themes that […]

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New VBDO AGM sustainability thema 2023 is advocacy & lobbying


Every year, the VBDO asks material questions (engagement) to the directors of around 40 Dutch-listed companies to promote sustainable business operations. We ask these questions during general shareholders’ meetings (AGMs) in response to three themes in environment, social and good […]

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VBDOs AGM priority themes for 2023


Since 1995 we have been a loyal visitor to general shareholders’ meetings (AGMs). Every year, we ask critical questions to the directors of around 40 Dutch, listed companies, to promote sustainable business operations. During the engagement process, the most material […]

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VBDO wishes you all a healthy, blessed and sustainable 2023


On December 22, the VBDO team experienced a wonderful, and warm ending to an eventful and successful VBDO year. Together we enjoyed the annual  VBDO Christmas dinner, hosted by and at our director Angélique’s home at the dining table (dress […]

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Future publication: theme study institutional investors and the energy transition


VBDO will soon publish it’s latest theme study The energy transition & asset management firms. Would you like to be the first one to receive this report? Let us know!  On the form below you can indicate which future publications […]

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Emiek Heemstra and Florine Kits van Heijningen join VBDO team


Two new project managers, Florine Kits van Heijningen and Emiek Heemstra recently joined the VBDO team. We are excited about working together with them towards a more sustainable future. Emiek Heemstra ‘During my studies in International Development Studies and my […]

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Freek van Til and Stijn Scholten strengthen VBDO team


Since September two great persons have joined our team, Stijn Scholten en Freek van Til. It is with great pleasure we introduce them to you. Freek van Til For several years I have been working on sustainability, in the broadest […]

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EU Tax Transparency Benchmark

VBDO starts with new EU study tax transparency


Every year, VBDO, with the support of PWC, examines the degree of sound tax policy at around 75 Dutch companies. Since 2015, tax transparency has started to play an increasingly important role. Last year, the average score even reached a […]

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The purpose of finance and investment

VBDO publishes podcast: The purpose of finance and investment


The worlds’ severe challenges on sustainable development call for financial decision-making from investors on capital markets, CFO’s within companies and governmental policymakers, to meet them. Especially now, at a point in time when private markets are also beginning to suffer […]

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VBDO uses new platform for research


Every year, VBDO publishes among other research its pension fund benchmark, a comparative study of the 50 largest Dutch pension funds. They answer 50 questions, for which they have to substantiate the answers with documentation. This yields an average of […]

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