VBDO official supporter of Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance


The VBDO has been proudly named as an official supporter of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). NZAOA activities At the end of last year, we organized an online introduction of the NZAOA. We recently discussed her […]

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Future publications


On the form below you can indicate which future publications are of interest to you. We will then send them directly to you on publication date by email.    

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AGM calendar 2021


The VBDO has attended the general meetings of shareholders (AGMs) of Dutch listed companies since its inception. We want the impact of our engagement to be as great as possible. That is why every three years we prioritize themes that […]

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VBDOs 2021 engagement themes


AGM Themes 2021 For more than 25 years, VBDO has attended about 40 general meetings of shareholders (AGMs) of Dutch listed companies. We want the impact of our engagement to be as great as possible. That is why every three […]

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How to stop a mining company


The province of Palawan, carries the same name as its largest islands, out of more than 1.700 islands that make up the region. The province is called the “last frontier”, because of its location on the southwestern edge of the […]

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VBDO Highlights 2020 & Best Wishes for 2021


No one will ever forget this year. We are very grateful for the many opportunities we have had in a time that as been so difficult for so many people. Our team has proven that we also stay close to […]

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VBDO launches awareness campaign sustainable insurance for consumers


Today the national campaign “Insure your world” started by the Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), supported by the Dutch Association of Insurers. Increasingly the Dutch take sustainability into account regarding their purchasing behavior, but still, few see the link between […]

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WWF call to action: Sign for a European Forestry Act


For the past 5 years, VBDO has worked with IUCN NL and WWF NL on the Shared Resources Joint Solutions program. One of the joint activities was to organize a series of three training webinars. The webinars highlighted the relationship […]

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A warm welcome to our newest member


The entire VBDO team would like to thank World Animal Protection (WAP) for its support and extends a warm welcome. We are very happy with their membership and look forward to a sustainable cooperation! WAP protects animals worldwide. Wild animals, […]

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Biodiversity and the Financial Sector


In the shadows of the corona crisis a climate and a biodiversity crisis are revealing themselves at breakneck speed. Around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades. Earlier we published an article calling […]

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VBDO celebrates 25 years of sustainability


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Today she is celebrating her silver anniversary and has already accomplished more than most in a lifetime. As a strong, independent association, we have been committed to a more sustainable and responsible […]

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