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Unilever’s gone wrong packaging

Auteur: Freek van Til, Projectleader Plastic Engagement, VBDO - 15/05/2024

Unilever has long stood as a giant in the consumer goods industry. However, I strongly question whether this giant is taking the right steps. To my astonishment, last week in the FD, I read about their weakened goals regarding plastic […]

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VBDO officially participates in Platform Living Wage Financials


Everyone deserves a wage level necessary to afford a decent standard of living for themselves and their families. That’s what a living wage means. Living wages are often higher than a government’s minimum wage. However, a minimum wage does not […]

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Univé newest member of VBDO


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Univé as the newest member of the VBDO. With this, Univé underlines its importance in society. Erik de Boer, Director of Finance & Risk at Univé: “As a non-profit cooperative, we help […]

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ONVZ insurer joins VBDO


We announce with great pleasure that ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar has joined the VBDO. In doing so, ONVZ sends a clear signal that its mission extends beyond providing individual healthcare. Marco Saas, CFRO at ONVZ: ‘ONVZ is a specialised health insurer. As […]

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VBDO AGM sustainability themes

VBDO’s AGM engagement themes 2024


Since 1995 we have been a loyal visitor to general shareholders’ meetings (AGMs). Every year, we ask critical questions to the directors of around 40 Dutch, listed companies, to promote sustainable business operations. During the engagement process, the most material […]

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Mining indonesia

More investors join as Investor Initiative on Responsible Nickel Supply Chains has kicked-off


VBDO is thrilled to announce that the inaugural meeting of our Investor Initiative on Responsible Nickel Supply Chains has taken place, marking a significant step forward in our collective mission. With 31 investors wielding a formidable US $2.7 trillion in […]

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Mining indonesia

Investors worldwide call for responsible mining practices in Nickel industries


29 investors with US$ 1.2 trillion in combined assets under management, have signed a statement demanding companies to enhance their environmental and social due diligence in nickel supply chains of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. They are calling for the […]

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Health insurer Menzis joins the VBDO


On January 1st, 2024, VBDO welcomed Menzis as a new member. Desiree Wareman, Treasury and Asset Management Manager at Menzis: ‘Menzis has been a non-profit cooperative since 1836, a health insurer with more than 1.8 million members. We are committed […]

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VBDO & Rainforest Foundation Norway investor statement on nickel mining and supply chains


VBDO calls on all its members and other institutional investors to sign our investor statement on the requirements for improved social and environmental conditions for the nickel mining industry. Investors expect improved social and environmental due diligence in nickel supply […]

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Bottom Line!


Bottom Line! is a partnership from IUCN NL that focuses on combating deforestation and biodiversity loss through mining in Indonesia, Ghana and the Philippines. VBDO is part of this alliance. (Ir)responsible mining & the energy transition In order to tackle […]

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Plastic engagement Nikko AM VBDO

Investors call for global, binding regulations on plastic


An international coalition of nearly 30 institutional investors, led by the Dutch Association of Sustainable Investors (VBDO), sent a letter to members of the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) governments. The letter calls on the HAC to maintain an ambitious approach […]

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Column biodiversiteit Stijn Scholten VBDO

We need to move beyond isolated corporate actions on biodiversity

Auteur: Stijn Scholten, project manager sustainability & responsible investment - 26/10/2023

Most companies have taken action on biodiversity, but necessary biodiversity strategies are still largely missing. In recent years, global interest in biodiversity has grown remarkably fast. This increase is reflected in the Montreal Accord, signed by 188 governments, which underscores […]

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