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Plastic engagement Nikko AM VBDO

Investors call for global, binding regulations on plastic


An international coalition of nearly 30 institutional investors, led by the Dutch Association of Sustainable Investors (VBDO), sent a letter to members of the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) governments. The letter calls on the HAC to maintain an ambitious approach […]

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Column biodiversiteit Stijn Scholten VBDO

We need to move beyond isolated corporate actions on biodiversity

Auteur: Stijn Scholten, project manager sustainability & responsible investment - 26/10/2023

Most companies have taken action on biodiversity, but necessary biodiversity strategies are still largely missing. In recent years, global interest in biodiversity has grown remarkably fast. This increase is reflected in the Montreal Accord, signed by 188 governments, which underscores […]

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FAIRR collective engagement

Collective engagement FAIRR on Biodiversity Waste & Polution and Protein Diversification now open


Two collaborative engagements facilitated by FAIRR are now open for investor sign-on until the 17th of November. The Biodiversity Waste and Pollution Engagement Phase 2, which last year had 80 supporting investor members with over $US 23 trillion in combined investor assets. […]

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Plastic engagement Nikko AM VBDO

Nikko Asset Management joins long list of financials calling for plastic reduction


Nikko AM is the latest to join a large, worldwide engagement group of investors, becoming a signatory to the investor statement calling out among others for the reduction of single-use plastics. In May this year, a coalition of a little […]

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Investors demand strong plastic packaging rules from EU


Top European investors are calling on the EU Parlement institutions to deliver strong regulation on packaging and waste. They want the proposal to maintain the European Commission’s ambition on waste prevention and reuse, measures they consider critical to protect returns […]

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VBDO welcomes Ahold Delhaize Pensioen as new member


Ahold Delhaize Pension recently became a member of VBDO. The entire VBDO team warmly welcomes them and of course, we look forward to further, sustainable cooperation. They are happy to introduce themselves: Ahold Delhaize Pension invests in the future of […]

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FAQ workflow change VBDO research


VBDO will stop using Lestrade’s Holly Platform. The platform was used to collect and analyze data for our studies. We are therefore switching to a different working method. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about this change. […]

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Future publication: AGM engagement report 2023


VBDO will soon publish it’s annual AGM engagement report. Would you like to be the first one to receive this publication? Let us know!  On the form below you can indicate which future publications are of interest to you. We […]

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Investors with US$10 trillion AuM call on corporates to drastically ramp up action on plastics


185 investors with US$10 trillion in combined assets under management, have signed a statement demanding companies adopt a more radical approach to reduce their reliance on plastics. They are calling for intensive users of plastic packaging – such as FMCGs […]

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Call on investors: sign our investor statement on plastics


The VBDO calls on all its members and other institutional investors to sign our investor statement on the use of plastic by companies. The entire current plastic lifecycle poses a growing threat to the environment, climate, biodiversity, human rights and […]

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Global Impact Investing Network survey


Requested: survey participants The purpose of the Global Impact Investor Survey is to learn about your organization’s asset allocations to impact, impact measurement and management practices, and perceptions on the state of the impact investing market. This survey provides a […]

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AGM calendar Dutch stock listed companies

AGM calendar 2023


Since its inception, the VBDO has attended the general meetings of shareholders (AGMs) of Dutch-listed companies. We want the impact of our engagement to be as large as possible. That is why every three years we prioritize sustainable themes that […]

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