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Seminar Bottom Line! – Responsible investing in the energy transition


There is no doubt we need to accelerate the transition from fossil to renewable energy. But how do we ensure that we make this transition as fair as possible, with the lowest possible negative impact on people and nature? A […]

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Plastic engagement Nikko AM VBDO

Investors call for global, binding regulations on plastic


An international coalition of nearly 30 institutional investors, led by the Dutch Association of Sustainable Investors (VBDO), sent a letter to members of the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) governments. The letter calls on the HAC to maintain an ambitious approach […]

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Romie Goedicke TNFD biodiversiteit UNEP FI

Romie Goedicke on the TNFD and biodiversity

Auteur: Romie Goedicke, Co-Head Nature, UNEP FI - 12/09/2023

Romie Goedicke Co-Heads the nature thematic at the UNEP Finance Initiative. She also leads the work on nature-related risk and disclosure and manages the work on mainstreaming and capacity building. In these ways, she supports the work on the alignment […]

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Seminar Benchmark Responsible Investment by Dutch Insurers 2023


NB. This event will be hosted in Dutch During the seminar, we will present the main results of our benchmark responsible investment by insurers: Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2023 – Confronting climate risks: a dual challenge. […]

Investors with US$10 trillion AuM call on corporates to drastically ramp up action on plastics


185 investors with US$10 trillion in combined assets under management, have signed a statement demanding companies adopt a more radical approach to reduce their reliance on plastics. They are calling for intensive users of plastic packaging – such as FMCGs […]

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Living off the wind? Invest in sustainable energy

Auteur: Mart van Kuijk, Project Manager Sustainable Investment, VBDO - 04/01/2023

With the current developments in the energy market, sustainable investment in wind and solar energy does not seem like a bad idea. But there is a lot of choice and this can be opaque, especially for novice investors. ‘Sustainable investing […]

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Sustainability must be brought to our real-world economy

Auteur: Angélique Laskewitz, executive director VBDO - 30/12/2022

Much more capital is still going to fossil fuels than to sustainable energy. What do you think of that? “We are stuck together in the real economy and in fossil energy. Investors continue to invest money in those kinds of […]

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Ocean sustainability – Expert session


Webinar recording This year’s World Ocean Day, on 8 June, is asking for awareness and support to protect at least 30% of the world’s lands, waters, and oceans by 2030. Safeguarding at least 30% through a network of highly protected […]

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Column AMR Sara Heinsbroek

AMR: meer aandacht voor minder antibiotica in veeteelt


Op initiatief van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) is het elk jaar op 7 april Wereldgezondheidsdag. Sinds de uitbraak van de coronapandemie staan zoönosen, ziektes die van dier op mens kunnen overgaan, in de kijker als bedreiging voor de volksgezondheid. De link […]

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Webinar anti-macrobial resistence

Antimicrobial resistance in the food and agriculture sector


In this webinar hosted by VBDO and World Animal Protection, experts on responsible investment, public health and animal welfare will discuss AMR and the food and agriculture sector, its effect on public health and biodiversity, what risks AMR poses to […]

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The purpose of finance and investment

The purpose of finance and investment – Episode 1: The origins of finance and investment


The world’s severe challenges to sustainable development call for financial decision-making from investors in capital markets, CFOs within companies, and governmental policymakers, to meet them. Especially now, at a point in time when private markets are also beginning to suffer […]

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Pension funds in the Netherlands outperform insurers on climate change


Publication: Dutch Institutional Investors and Climate Change - Institutional investors are taking action, but are they doing enough to win the race towards net zero?

Climate change has been on the agenda of Dutch pension funds and insurers since the Paris Climate Agreement. But are they doing enough to prevent an abrupt transition? The short answer is ‘no’, according to new research by the Association […]

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