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Dutch Pension funds show insufficient attention for Living Wage


Publication: Living Wage: Overcoming the Challenges | The Role of Pension Funds

Research by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) shows that the largest Dutch pension funds still pay insufficient attention to the theme of living wage. 39 of the 50 largest pension funds participated in this study and 85% […]

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VBDO Investor Guide: Integration of tax in responsible investment


Publication: VBDO Investor Guide: Integration of tax in responsible investment

VBDO published an investment guide in the field of responsible tax policy. The guide focuses on institutional investors and provides guidance on how they can responsibly integrate new developments in tax and governance legislation and regulations into both their internal […]

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International Responsible Investment Benchmark – Feasibility Study


Publication: International responsible investment benchmark feasibility study

Benchmarking has proven to be an effective instrument in driving sustainability in the financial sector. It creates a race to the top by providing comparative insight into which financial institutions and sustainability topics are lagging behind. The VBDO has assessed the […]

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White Paper: Institutional Investors and Climate Change


Publication: VBDO White Paper: Institutional Investors and Climate Change

Climate change is increasingly becoming visible on the radar of institutional investors, who acknowledge the relevance of the topic by taking it into account in the development and implementation of their investment strategies. VBDO provides a set of recommendations for […]

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Institutional investors and tobacco


Publication: Tobacco and Dutch Institutional Investors - Tobacco, business as usual?

The use of tobacco is unhealthy and this has been known for a long time. Half of its users will die of the consequences. For the Netherlands this means that every year 20,000 people die due to smoking. The World […]

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VBDO White paper: bevorderen van aandeelhoudersbetrokkenheid


Publication: VBDO White paper: Advancing shareholder engagement

Shareholder engagement concerns the use of one’s ownership position to influence the decision making of company management. In doing so, shareholders aim to increase transparency and accountability and to raise social and environmental standards of corporate behavior. The practice has […]

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Benchmark Verantwoord Beleggen door Pensioenfondsen 2016


Publication: VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2016 | Ready for the next step?

This is the 10th annual edition of the VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands. This report, published by the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), provides a detailed overview of the current status and trends […]

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Tax Transparency Benchmark 2016


Publication: VBDO Tax Transparency Benchmark 2016

Fuelled by revelations such as the Panama Papers and investigations by the European Commission, the issue of ‘tax behaviour’ has taken center stage in the global public debate. Both multinational companies and governments find themselves increasingly under scrutiny, and in […]

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Impact investing struggles with a cuddly image


Publication: Impact Investing, from niche to mainstream

 Text only available in Dutch

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